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Spot Treatment
When we deem it to be necessary, we spend a little more time on the superficial spots located on the carpet. By using our pre-spray chemicals we can usually remove any soil and, if needed, we do more thorough passes focusing on that spot.
Stain Treatment
RAMCER Services tries to remove all stains if at all possible. Sometimes, however, we may not be able to remove stains by the means of a regular cleaning. Thus this stain has permeated through the carpet, settled in the carpet, and made an official stain.
Urine Treatment

Nothing is worse than a pet urinating on your carpet. The odor and the stain is not only embarrasing but deleterious to one's health. We offer two options to approach this cleaning:

Option 1: We meticulously clean the urine via removing the carpet, cleaning the sub-floor padding as well as the backside of the carpet. After cleaning and deodorizing beneath the carpet, we place the carpet back in its place and begin cleaning the surface of the carpet. Thereafter, we remove the stain and deodorize once again. This is the best thorough cleaning process anyone has to offer.

Option 2: By flooding the infected area with our special treatment chemical, we then place a device that is powerful enough to vaccum down to the subfloor unit and follow the process by deodorizing the contaminated area. This is the quickest and cheapest technique available.

Spot Dye
We do offer spot dye on carpets starting at $50. This may vary by the size of the spot needed to be dyed.
Upholstery Cleaning
We offer upholstery cleanings at reasonable prices starting at $20--this depends on the size and cleaning requested.
Vehicle Cleaning
Vehicle Cleaning We offer floor mat carpet and car seat cleaning. The price varies depending on the size of the vehicle and the service you would like. A typical cleaning involves the floor mats and seats. The process involves vaccuming the loose soil and dirt followed by a prespray solution and a thorough cleaning with a high heat detergent-based extraction.

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*$20 a room applies to customers located in Vancouver or orders more than $100.